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If you're going to have a memory book of your most special day, THIS is a super classy way to do it!

This particular book design looks amazing on the inlaid, destressed entry table for sign-in at the chapel. It matched this bride and groom's Phantom of the Opera theme perfectly, and looks very nice to boot! There are so many ways couples can mark and record their special day @ the sign in table. Special artwork, photography matting, globes with sharpies, ...the list is endless. If a couple choose a timeless book like this one, it's always nice that it's embossed and personalized!

Not too much happening at the chapel of love this month! We're not complaining, since last December was crazy month with like 4 or 5 activities! Our only scheduled event so far is our book club party here later this month. We had a lovely couple come and visit yesterday to see if it was the right place for them, so hopefully, it will be! We're working on a new project, courtesy of Lisa and Bert Welge, which is crafting shepard hooks from cedar branches, and putting battery operated candle lanterns all around the garden area! Should be fun. Our small, tinsel tree is up and running, and we've totally fallen in love with the extra-kitchy, very funky plug-in fake fireplace for the mantel. It really and actually creates a warm and retro-inviting feel, and will be the perfect addition to our special space not only for the holidays and winter events, but also throughout the winter season to give the spot character!

Otherwise, nothing new to report! Come see us and we hope all our couples are gearing up for Wedding Homecoming on January 21! It'll be here before we know it, and currently married Caliber Oak couples should make sure that Miss Denise knows they're coming at 254 760 1590. You want pizza and beverages, riiiiiiight? See you there, and blessings to all our readers!


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