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I may have already posted this photo on the chapel blog, but if I did, it bears repeating! So cool!

Sarah and Otto's wedding was special for us on so many levels, and the excellent memories that photos provide are irreplaceable! I saw this photo a while back, but don't think I posted it. The expressions on these two here in front of the chapel is priceless, and the married couple they've grown into is nothing short of excellent! We're so proud of them both. This was such a fun and happy day...from so many angles. Many years of happiness to these two and we enjoy getting to see them as often as we do! Bible study, charity events, and rando beer consumption! God bless them!

Quiet and hot and dry at the chapel this week! Miss Denise has been keeping the water coming on the landscaping to the best of our ability and Chloe pulled some weeds in front of the chapel. Not everything has survived just right, but we've still got green stuff left, and are waiting for some kind of miracle shower or rain! I'll happen, and we'll just have to hang on as long as we can!

Had a nice showing with Madeline & her mom the other day, and they're considering the chapel for a custom-tailored, attention to detail kind of day for the wedding. We're going to be meeting with Team Emma here pretty soon to get that ball rolling as well. Before we know it, it'll be the fall wedding season and we'll be knee deep in confetti and good wishes! Can't wait! All of our couples are so special, and we can feel God leading just the right folks to our door. We're thankful.

It's that time of the year where the grass is crunchy more than green, but it gives it a kind of cool country vibe! We'll survive the heat, as we do every year, and look forward to coolishness as the fall comes closer.

Many blessings to our chapel family and we hope you're enjoying all you can about this wonderful season we call "summer on steroids" here in Central Texas!


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