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How many brides and grooms have been married right in the very spot of this tea time pair?

Such a lovely duo on a lovely tea time matinee kinda day! Susan and Jennifer are enjoying a bit more than tea here, frankly, since we rarely (make that nevah!) serve tea in champagne flutes! That can mean only one thing.........their beverage of choice was the fruit-i-licious tea time tradition of the Chilled Madras! One of Mrs. Boss' favorite beverages, it's become the staple of each annual tea since that one year where husband's had to be called for 'pick-up', since straight champagne had been served all afternoon. lol! The hat tradition continues, and the Barros mantle looks great with a collection of some blue and white pieces. There's already a sweetheart table in place in this very spot for this weekend's wedding that got steamed yesterday! Nothing stays stationary at the chapel for very long, that's for sure!

A beautiful day for chapel efforts, as Chloe and I are going to work on S&R's remaining setup this afternoon. Linens are yet to be steamed, and we've got plenty on the event checklist to keep us busy for as long as we've got before Denise's rehearsal. The delightful bride and groom will be here tomorrow with an exciting delivery of outdoor furniture and plan to have a lovely rehearsal and repast in the afternoon. We're so looking forward to the weekend. Staff for this event are hand selected and kind of a blast from the past, since they're some of the folks who have worked weddings for several years here. It's always fun to get to see everyone all the while making yet another couple's magic truly tangible. Outstanding stuff, and the joy that comes from it is contagious!

Have a wonderful rest of the week, a super weekend, and we hope to visit again soon. Come visit and say hi! We're very excited about JANUARY 22, 2022 for wedding homecoming and think that John and Elizabeth may actually make it this year..........all the way from Chicagoland! Wooooohoo! That's the kind of place this is.....come back to the chapel.....again, and again! Blessings!


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