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Here's a happy memory from a happy day, and we don't have many of those in black and white!

This was a magical weekday wedding with GREAT champagne, and a fun feel all around! These two are now galavanting all over Europe all the time, since they're living there, and their married life has been a whirlwind of fun locations!

It's always so great to have our American heroes married at the chapel, and we are so very proud of them! Congrats to L&C and keep the photos coming, it's so fun to watch y'all's travels!

Otherwise, not much going on at the chapel today.... Looking forward to some wood chips and some top soil....(hey, everyone has to have a dream, right?) and some spring planting. Several bride followup visits in the works for the calendar, so that'll be fun....always great working out as many big day details as we can so that we're completely ready for the fun! Looking forward to having Mona come check the place out so that maybe we can do some catering referrals for her!

Getting mildly excited for the Stroganoff-cookoff coming up (otherwise known as the strogan-off!) at the chapel, and hopefully, we won't smell the place up too badly! We'll be fine by the time our next wedding rolls around!

Paige tried Hetties dress, and ended up finding another, so we still have a beautiful dress available for some lucky bride at the chapel! If anyone knows of someone needing something in the (I think) size 8 department, please let us know! Hettie would love to have the gown go to a great bride!

Ok, more chores on the plate today, so will close. Have a wonderful thursday, talk to someone you don't know, and don't be afraid to make a new friend! Blessings on ya!


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