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Getting to spend time with Caliber Oak wedding children is one of the richest gifts we've received!

Ok, as in Ciaran's case, some of the children are sometimes 'just not right', and sit on rocks that have zebra mussles with no shoes on (crackhead!) :), but the fun @ and away from the chapel is what it's all about. A little of this is supposed to happen tomorrow, too, btw.....Boss has to stay home, but we have a STARTER to test! Wooohoo!

Busy day at the chapel 0 love today! Chloe and I prepping for the big event for Familia Welge & Co., Lash coming by to put more freon in the system... This has been a He** of a summer! Had a visit today from a charming couple, but we may not be just right for their needs. Always ok, because God sends you the right brides and grooms so that you can give 110% for every wedding. Still more setup to do and Eldorado involvement between now and the big day, but all seems to be well in hand, and after $764 in A/C upgrade for the building, we're ready to go! We'll never make money at this chapel, but we've made 1000's of memories that are worth far more. We're so excited for our next two events. Couple #1 belong to dear friends we've come to love completely (he's armed. he had me at semi-auto) and Couple #2 soon afterward who show a sense of style, appreciation and genuine affection for our efforts here. THAT dad just got a new S&W 686, and I'm a little jelly to be honest! What's with all our families being armed? WE LOVE IT! 'Merica!

Anyway, that's about all from the chapel that's currently sitting on the surface of the sun. Clemente didn't even have to come out this week, since the turkey foot weeds that usually need to be trimmed didn't even have the energy to stick their heads out in 109 degrees. Make it stop, Dear Lord. We'll be good! :) .............Blessing to all our chapel peeps and t.r.y. to stay cool. It's a challenge, but we're all so very blessed that where there's a will there's a way! Later, my melted peeps! :)


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