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Found this pic this afternoon and realized I had just put this plate out for this weekend's wedding!

I realized that the photo is 4 years old, so wherever this excellent, European antique came from, we acquired it about 4 years ago. The plates are out for P&T's big day, and they already look great. We love the vintage collection motif, and it's really fun just to look through the plates as you put them out and realize that so many of them have memories attached. Memories of where they came from, memories of when they were used, and memories of who gifted some of them to us. Really fun, and just one more lovely aspect of our very special place.

Lots still to do for the weekend, and just about done with staffing and Chloe has helped us already. Love the simplicity of the setup, and know it will be 'serene' and fun! :)

Otherwise, we need to get the lawn touched up, since the 'turkey foot' weeds have decided they got just enough water to reach for the sun! If Clemente is tied up this week, yours truly will be running the mower, and that's always exciting. We'll make it as nice as we can, and just keep reminding ourselves that it's always better living in the country! :)

Received another lovely inquiry from a bride who's coming to visit, and the fall dates we had available are starting to get grabbed left and right. It's always nice to have a couple of open dates here and there so that a bride's dream of the chapel can come through with a little calendar flexibility!

Well, gotta run, since there's always plenty to do. Blessings to all our chapel fans, and hope you have a great mid-week! Blessings..........


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