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Figured I'd better post this intimate chapel supper shot before the season completely passes us by..

This was a festive little evening with the Grays, and we really enjoyed the matching table cloth, napkins, AND apron for the supper. Sheri gave us all this beautiful April Cornell holiday linen, and it's a treat to use it. We don't usually entertain all that much in December, amazingly, but it's nice to have some Christmassy stuff to use!

Major progress was made in regaining a sense of order at the white chapel yesterday, as Chloe helped put the finishing touches and teamwork on our efforts to get fabric pieces, custom linens, etc. all sorted. We're WAY ahead of the game now, and as soon as the debris of Christmas past is gone, we'll be able to say the place looks pretty organized for Wedding Homecoming '22!

Happy New Year to all our brides and grooms all over the world! We used to do the annual black tie NYE party at the chapel (30th year this year!) but as we got more busy with weddings and providing 5-star service to our guests....the new year's eve party started feeling more like a 'work event' than our own celebration....It's tough to have it both ways. Our solution was to move the party to the main house, where it remains intimate, free form and rather vintage.

We're going to have to get rid of the old, antique steel wheelbarrow in front of the chapel. It's just completely rotted out, and certainly has served us well. Since 2022 will be a re-birth year for front landscaping (at least for 1/2 the front!), moving the wheelbarrow to the metal scrap pile will be a start of the rejuvenation after our winter weather. The place never looks quite as lush in the winter, anyway, with everything resting after our first freezes, but the hope of spring comes along and with it....weddings! Woooohooo!

Ok, I need to do a few more things here at the house in preparation for tonight's celebration. Blessings to all for a wonderful 2022, and beyond!


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