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Every passenger on this cruise was a bride and a groom at the Chapel! It's our aquatic outreach!

Recently we had our picnic date aboard Dolphin 1, and it turned out that Cindy and Richard were going to be out of town. As a result, everyone on the boat had been a bride and a groom at the chapel! Weather was hot, chardonnay was not, and I almost got out of the floatee with a shred of dignity. Almost.

Hotter than blazes @ the beloved chapel these days, but we're surviving. We've already had 1 RSVP for Games Night for Slice of Heaven Educational Farm, so that's going to be fun. Be sure to keep July 31 open for that event. Oh, if you're a bible study regular, needless to say we'll not be meeting that day @ the chapel... Forgot to mention that, but will put a FB post out there.

Clemente is going to take out one of the deceased rose bushes that didn't survive freezemageddon/rose disease last year, but the great news is that the zinnas are really doing well. Mrs. Boss has done a tremendous job of keeping things watered (much better than I have!) and hopefully, they'll continue to bloom and grow!

Nothing else to report from chapel land. Have an excellent day, be nice to someone you don't know and pray unceasingly! Blessings on you!


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