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Even though they weren't married at the Chapel, they're still one of our favorite couples ever!

These two have always been such a great love story to me, I thought I'd feature them here today, since we've had a love invasion at the chapel this week... First, M&W book their wedding, and then A&G start planning their rehearsal dinner and then yesterday afternoon, P&T book the chapel! It's been a busy week, and we could't be happier, since these couples are just right for our very magical space. We get to meet with Megan and family today to go over the gameplan in just a little while, so that'll be fun. Paige has already picked out all her rental items/colors at this point, which is good, since that day is fast approaching already.

Emma Grace has been a huge help in the Wedding Homecoming preparation department, and we're rolling right along there. Bible study space is up for tomorrow night and we're even meeting with a new couple and an existing couple tomorrow as well! Love is definitely in the air! :)

An official Caliber Oak baby, Noah's first birthday party is this weekend, and we're thankful Brandie is feeling a bit better for the festivities. As we all know, it's no fun to be sick!

Well, Mrs. Boss is on her way back from the grocery store, and I need to head down to the chapel to prepare for Megan's arrival. Have a wonderful day, an even greater Sunday, and a great start to the fresh new week! Blessings on you!


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