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Don't you just love a picnic bride who can say, "home baked bread" without even saying a word?

Well, my personal blog post for the day evaporated again for the second time in 2 weeks. I'm going to be more diligent about immediate posting when I walk away from the computer, but at least we have this post for your reading pleasure today!

This is the lovely Sarah demonstrating Otto's baking skills at our recent picnic at the creek. It was perfect weather, and a lovely time, and clearly, we didn't go without food. I've said it so many times, but one of the most beautiful things about our chapel are the great times we get to enjoy with our brides and grooms WAY after the fun of the wedding day has become an excellent memory. This picnic tradition is one of those fun opportunities, and apparently, another picnic day is in the works for the calendar. Wooohhooo!

All is well and quiet in chapel land today, although we're supposed to get some rain. Preparations will begin in earnest on Monday as we get ready for P&T's great adventure, and it's supposed to be the warmest weather for a wedding all year! Of course, that's more than a week away, so who knows WHAT will happen by then! We can pretty much plan on it being warm in Central Texas in mid-may, however, so we'll survive and thrive in the warmth of the sun's embrace (or choke hold, depending on your perspective!)

Well, lots to get done at the house today, so I'll close. Major hopes for your wildest dreams to come true, and let's not forget for a second, that He's got all of this, He's in charge, and all we need to do is get OUT of the way and trust! Easier when we do! Blessings on all, y'all!


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