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Don't think we've posted these amazing florals from N&G's wedding -they are just perfectly lush !

Everyone has their own ideas, themes, colors, design concepts and personalities for the big day. Some of our brides are straw flowers and woven textures, some are satin and calla lilies, and some - like this one - are abundant, rich and traditional. These flowers were just amazing at the wedding and reception, and looked so great in the chapel for the event! Congrats to G&N on a great wedding, and such de-lucious florals!

Quiet and warm at the chapel today. Chloe's down there working the flower bed weeding and watering. Keeping things alive, but a bit of rain would be nice. The Slice of Heaven Educational Farm event is coming up sooner than later (Aug 6!) and we hope you're already RSVP'd with Miss Denise at 254.760.1590. Opening the chapel for charity fun is one of our genuine joys, but that joy can only happen if folks head on out and play a game for the farm! Food/bev provided with a $15 minimum opening donation. ....or you can trade for what's behind box #2. Only kidding, but that'd be a cool retro fundraiser as well! "Let's Make a Chapel Deal"! Kind of fun for sure! Somebody say amen to that, and we'll get it rolling! :) Any excuse to use the gifts He's given us for worthy causes.

We don't have a final, final number on the Taylor Bears event, but know it was over $4,000. Way more than we expected, but blessings do seem to multiply around here! Hopefully, we'll have a decent showing on August 6 for another worthy cause.

Looking forward to a special local family coming out to take the tour for a wedding day plan. Hopefully, it'll be just what they want! We'd love to have their wedding here!

Ok, I'm not at the chapel, so doing chores at the house (primarily online stuff). Stay cool-ish, find shade, and drink something cool. All this will be a hot memory before we know it! Blessings on y'all!


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