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Doesn't THAT look delicious and somewhat nutritious?!?!? SSWS know how to have a chapel party!

So, I totally know that nobody starved at this particular party! Between the excellent food from Johnny's and the tremendous deserts on this buffet, all were properly fed! I was thinking this morning about how many calories have been consumed from this buffet in the lifetimes of it's use, and would calculate that it would be in the millions. So much joy, happiness and sugar! :)

Major progress was made at the chapel today, as we finally boxed up all the custom linens, fabric scraps, etc. for storage. Many square feet of storage were saved in the storage room, which will make the 2021 weddings even more easy to serve. We've taken to hanging all the rental linens up, and keeping our personals in boxes, so that everything is a bit easier to find. We were even able to give a few key pieces and products to more deserving organizations. Everyone's a winnah!

Looking forward to a potential bridal visit on the weekend, and bracing for our first hard freeze. We're supposed to hit 26 and 27 this weekend, and I'm ready, since until we can let winter pass, I can't get my fresh landscaping in at the right front of the chapel, which is definitely needed! All will be well, and things are already looking up. I think I may regain my composure when we have the bride and groom's rooms reassembled, all the Christmas debris is put away and the landscaping is done. Let us pray. Patience, Captain Rick.....paaaatience! :)

Since the projector bulb went out in the chapel just before our annual screening of All About Eve, we've ordered another online. This is a key reason we don't rent AV equipment and only use it for personal use. It's one thing to miss out on hosting a movie night with friends, and a complete other thing to mess up a key part of a bride's day because her slide show failed due to bulb! Do what you do best, and we're better at hospitality than technology any day!

Lots more on the burners today, so I'll close. Please enjoy the closing hours of this most beloved year.......beloved because so many wonderful couples joined together in matrimony in and on these very grounds. Congratulations to all our 2021 brides and grooms and we so look forward to the wonderful couples we'll be working with in 2022. God is good!


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