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Do these not just look good enough to eat?!?!?! But don't, they're real gourds and would be yucky!

This is the perfect insight to Samantha and Richard's magical wedding here this weekend. These little seeded babies were scattered all about, and when brought back together for outbound transport, still looked magical in a pile! Such a nice, relaxed fall look, and anyone who serves 600 Round Rock Doughnut holes at their wedding clearly knows how to!

The whole event was magic from start to finish, with two wonderful families coming together in a blessed day of beginnings! Both the B & C sides of the family were tremendous to work with and clearly were excited about this union.

It's always wonderful when a couple has great role models in their own families to look to...Both of their parents are married for over 30 years, and it certainly help sets the tone for stability and expectation in a relationship! We had such fun, and both sides of the family know how to create joy. It was truly a pleasure to have helped host this wedding. I've got a few more photos that we'll share in the coming weeks, but Samantha looked amazing, and until this weekend, I didn't realize how great Richard's job was with P, W, X + X! We're so proud of them both. Definitely driven within a layer of caring for others. Watching Taylor and Samantha work as a sister team with their squad was one of the best parts of our weekend! Don't you just love it when a plan comes together!

Congrats to Richard and Samantha, and we pray for many years of happiness, love and blessed accomplishment for them both. Come see us, and if y'all make it to Wedding I said, I think you win a prizzzzzeeeee!


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