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Did Mrs. Boss snag a coolio photo of the bride's room cabinet reflection here or what?!!? Niiice!

I was talking on the phone with Bryan Rugh as we solved yet another one of life's problems, when the boss picked up her phone and started taking photos past my left shoulder. I thought maybe it was wildlife outside the window, or something unusual, and I was kind of right. She just so happened to be sitting in the hallway where she could see the almost full reflection of the bride's room stained glass window. It's shots like this that remind us what a special place we've been given. The cabinet is believed to be a medicine cabinet from a house in New Orleans and was literally ripped off the wall as the family tried to grab as many beautiful antiques as they could save with the waters rising from Katrina. Inside this cabinet are all kinds of small survival items for a bride's big day. The stained glass reflection is of the beautiful window that David Salzman created that matches the serve-through window of the kitchen. Really breathtaking, and one of the inspirations for an upcoming wedding where our wonderful bride said, "I want my colors for my wedding to match the stained glass window in my changing room". Very disney, right? :)

Otherwise, just hanging out in chapel land with not a lot to report. Gonna be mighty cold down there for a couple of days (never less than 55 degrees for the piano, however! :)

Ok, time for other activities, so I'll close this post! Hope everyone is doing great and blessed beyond belief!


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