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Custom, wearable bling is a nice look for a ring-a-ding-ding bride with a tremendous personality!

Jarrah knows how to make an entrance and a statement, and certainly pulled that off with her custom wedding prep kimono jacket. She said the only bad part of it is that when you order from some companies, they send you a pre-teen size of everything! :) Oh well, it still looked great!

It's so fun working with so many different brides and their unique personalities to make the biggest day of their life magical. From contemporary flash to vintage cabbage rose floral, we get to see just about every look and they're all great!

Looking forward to meeting another potential Caliber Oak couple very soon, and pretty excited about all the weddings for the new year. We continue to just barely advertise, but our couples are heaven sent, since they find out about us, and are usually just the right pair for the place! I'm always excited when I get to officiate a wedding at another venue, too, since I get to know another great couple and get to be a special part of their day. All the way around, we're blessed. We could certainly have a lot more business if we hustled, but figure we get just exactly who we're supposed to have and love it that way!

Emma Grace has done outstanding work getting rid of the dead lantana and debris from this last season, and I'm thinking Chloe is here today to help Mrs. Boss take down the tree and kind of make Christmas disappear. That tree really was the prettiest we've ever had down there, and was such a joy to display during all the Holiday traffic! Wedding season will be back before we know it, and we'll be busy hustling and bustling about making the week and day so very special.

No too much else to report from chapel-land, and we hope all of our brides and grooms are doing great. We're only a few weeks out from Wedding Homecoming, so if any of our already-marrieds need more information, let us know! Blessings to one and all for a great final week of 2021


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