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Crazy Happy Birthday Bride Alert! Sarah gets a few days off from work and gets to be birthday girl!

What a treat for Sarah and Otto to have a few days off to spend together, and right on her birthday, too! We had such a fun boat day on Saturday, and that was a great start to some fun time off. We know they're having a great time, and as you can see by this photo, Sarah's having a pretty danged good birthday, too!

Praise God for the rain! It was such a blessing yesterday. We'd gone to the chapel to give a tour to the lovely F&J, and while they were there we got a very light, brief rainshower. No matter, we were all just thrilled to see rain, since we hadn't in so long. By evening time, however, the skies truly opened and it was glorious. From the reports I've heard from others, I think our rain totals were far more at the Chapel than some other places, and we're not complaining. This is always our favorite part, too. It's when God allows all the plants, flowers, veg to feel that perfect Ph rain on their roots, and they end up blooming and budding and smiling. Can plants smile? I think all of them around here are today! The rain will really freshen up the look of the place for the next big event, which is just around the corner. We can't wait! Oh, and if you're a chapel fan, and would like to make some extra $$, working with the most delightful couple in the world (well she is!) let us know... With summer schedules, and everyone busy, we're always looking for some extra help to get things done. Let us know!

Anyway, it's just about time for chores for me today, so we'll close. Have a great day, and at least make an attempt to be 1/2 as happy as birthday girl Sarah is in this picture! As a Caliber Oak bride, the happiness is built right in! :) Later, wonderful folks!


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