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Clearly at my photogenic best the day of Sarah's wedding! Good God! I look like a scary cartoon!

Really? At least I remember this shot being taking during the dancing, and if I remember accurately, I was trying to look suave and sexy. CLEARLY missed the mark there. Looks kind of like a combination between seizure and indigestion.. lol. No matter, the day was great, and I love these outrageous outtakes, since usually the public only sees me in my supermodel best format. lol x 2.

Happy Tuesday, chapel lovers, and we've got 2 new chapel lovers to celebrate this day. Will brought the deposit check last evening for their day of fun and excitement, and we can't wait to start planning for the celebration. They're both very nice kids, and just the right fit for the chapel. It always feels good to continue the momentum with another wedding booking!

The IKEA plastic plants don't look too bad in the old wheelbarrow in front of the chapel at present, but it's just temporary, since the old metal cart is going to have to go. Completely rotted through, but it's probably 100 years old, so that's understandable. Looking forward to a fresh landscaping look for the front of the chapel this spring, and some new plant varieties. Should be fun!

Clemente is coming tomorrow, so we'll hopefully get all the Christmas debris out of the way in one fell swoop. It's almost time to start setting up for Wedding Homecoming, and we're so very excited. I don't have the guest count at present, but Mrs. Boss is keeping track and we've got quite a few of our already-marrieds coming! It's not too late, if you're one of those and haven't RSVP'd! The party is Sunday the 22nd at 7p. Just let us know if you can come!

Ok, off to other exciting tasks this afternoon. Blessings to one and all, and congratulations again, M&W, on picking the absolute most caring place for your wedding!


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