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Cheering! Fun! Excitement! Over $2,600 raised for a wonderful charity! Can a chapel GET more fun?

Last night's charity fundraiser for Slice of Heaven Educational Farm was a smash hit! We had about 50 folks end up showing up, and raised $2,618 for the charity! Many thanks to everyone who made this possible, and we're just a little stunned at how much we were able to raise. Based on the smiles and volume level in the great room, everyone had a wonderful time, and we've NEVER had a charity/recipient from a chapel event bring such amazing food and beverages! It was like a catered wedding in here! Everything was just wonderful. We're already looking forward to doing it again, working with SOHEF in the future, and also attending their April 29th wine and cheese event at the farm! Check their FB page or website for more information!

Otherwise, setup is startup for our next wonderful wedding, and the game plan is to get our load of dirt after I disconnect the RV so that we can get the chapel flowerbeds filled in the front and start planting some fun things. Spring is always so neat, since things are re-newed and reborn and there's excitement in the air. Always perfect for a wedding!

There may be a little clean up to do from last night's event, but the board even took care of 99% of that! Again, amazing! Teresa and Jeff said that the money raised was going towards bathrooms at the farm, since school bus loads of children will arrive all at once and the teachers and students need facilities, and the situation is very limited at present! $2600 should help quite a bit in getting some potties rolling! :)

Otherwise, it's a slow week at the chapel, recovering from the event and hopefully doing that landscaping. Hopefully YOU are having a wonderful beginning of the week, and will enjoy a ton of blessings all week long! Have a great one, and talk at you soon!


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