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Anxious for things to be blooming and temperatures like this! We need to get some more seeds in!

Well, it's springtime now, but doesn't feel all that warm outside the chapel today. Wanted to get some planting done, but the cool front that was behind yesterday's hot, warm air that caused all the wild weather and damages in the area has really brought the temps and the breeze into a 'stay indoors' kind of feel! No matter, we've got at least an hour's worth of setup to do on the interior layout for Debra & Carl's big day, so we'll be warm and relatively toasty!

We still need to make a run to McIntire's nursery, since I'm seeing all kinds of cool plants being delivered daily that would look just great at the chapel. It'll be interesting to see if the grass grows enough to be cut by Saturday, but I'm kind of doubting it. I WAS thrilled, however, to see that despite some relatively hard rainfall over night, the road improvement at the nasty hill-part of the driveway held together nicely and didn't get washed away! I actually didn't see much drainage at all, even on the side of the driveway, so the thirsty soil may have gobbled up all the rain! The tank by the gate has more water in it, however, so that means we really did get some moisture. Denise said the rain gauge said 1.5 inches, and I believe it. Our prayers go out to those that lost homes, barns and equipment in the storm, and some of those folks are within 10 miles of here. We were praying pretty hard during the storm for a hedge of protection around the chapel and all 45 acres! Kinda scary moments!

Well, time to get down to the chapel and do some wedding setup! Have a wonderful evening and a GREAT Tuesday, and we'll talk at you soon!


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