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Another tremendous Wedding Homecoming in the books! Dancing, sipping, eating, talking and mingling!

We just love this night each year. It was just about letter perfect for 2023 and we are so appreciative of our Brides and Grooms making the effort to be here. Lots of faces that haven't been in a while and some perennials, but all in all a wonderful celebration for dozens of people who are a part of this magical story we call "The Chapel". Gifts were given, Vance provided the amazing tunes, Sheri and Chloe worked to make things perfect, and The Pizza Place leftovers are STILL being enjoyed. Apparently, there's no shelf life on those yummies! :) Happiest of Homecomings to all of our brides and grooms, and we're already looking forward to 2024 and the dancy, eaty, sippy good time that will bring as well!

Not much happening at the chapel. Vanessa brought her Posse to check out the chapel and their ideas are already flowing. We're looking forward to V&C's event, since they're local, laid back and understand how to have a good time. It's going to be a busy spring, but that's ok, since it keeps us off the streets!

Shealyn is expected this weekend with her de-lightful deposit check in hand so that we can start her magic asap. Love the planning, execution, learning, ideas, helping and direction that it all entails. We're so very blessed to have the coolest chapel vibe on the planet, and are even MORE blessed, since our Brides and Grooms are the absolute bomb-diggi=TAY in the delightful department. Snarky Bridezillas need not apply. :)

Blessings to one and all for a great rest of the week. Special guest, Mary Frank, will be joining us this weekend, as well as a musical jewelbox of a performance from Bev and Denise for Wags, Hope and Healing! We're excited, and are already $250 on our way to saving more dogs like "The Shelbs" and "Miss Bobina"! Later, chapelgaters!


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