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Another off-shore photo brought to you by the Caliber Oak bride and Miss Denise. Making memories!

Another bride and Mrs. Boss picture that tells you how different this place is in just about every way. Nothing thrills us more than being able to connect, visit, fellowship and have fun with our former brides and grooms on land or water! Hoping to do a little 'floatin' this weekend at some point, so if you're one of those brides and grooms that needs to get wet.......let us know! The more the merrier!

Looking forward to meeting with Dominique and Peyton this afternoon to finalize their vows, and go over any lose ends for their big day. We're so blessed to have their wedding here, and we're already counting the days! We truly have the best brides and grooms and wouldn't want it any other way.

Otherwise, it's pretty quiet @ the chapel. Summer doldrums are about to end, however, since we have one of the busiest and exciting July/August lineup of just about any year since the place got finished! Whew......some of that is gonna be hot, but it'll be Christmas before you know it, and everything will be covered in velvet and tinsel! Time flies when you're having fun. We also get to meet with a great new potential wedding family on Sunday, so that's exciting! The fun never ends around here! Praise God!

Anyhew, have a great weekend, get some shade, the beverage of your choice, and let us know if you want to come float. When it's 101 outside, there's nothing like being under the party barge between the 'toons and motor-boatin'..... Blessings on ya!


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