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Another Caliber Oak Baby arrives in our lives, and you can tell this grandma is a happy camper!

Maybe it wasn't the easiest delivery on record, but everything turned out ok for Brittany and Jake's newest cherub. Proud Lori and Mark (AKA '713') zoomed up here from Houston in time to be there for the excitement. Congratulations on the blessed arrival, and can't wait to see y'all again.

While 713 and Jake were here yesterday, they delivered an outdoor table and chair set for the chapel. It's outstanding, and we're using the table for our 'champagne toast' table for this weekend's wedding. It looks really sharp and seems to be in just the right spot. So looking forward to this weekend's festivities!

We're still praying to keep plants alive during this heat. Mrs. Boss is going to start drip watering the huge live oak trees where the chandeliers are to be sure they don't dry up! Even with the hot weather, we had TWO bridal visits today, and Becca and Brandon booked their wedding! We can't wait and are so excited for them both. We've really been busy with bookings and visits lately, and I'm kind of surprised about it, as I thought the inflation drama would dry up new contacts. Seems to be just the opposite! Maybe folks have cut their wedding budgets to the perfect size for our affordable magic spot? Yay!

Ok, that's enough rambling for today. Hope to get out here again tomorrow, oh, and Dr. Overturf thinks the website needs refreshing, so we'll see what he has up his sleeve! Blessings to one and all and congratulations again, Becca & Brandon and Jake & Brittany!


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