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...........And now for a little pre-marital parading! A couple who parades together end up married!

This fun and far out shot was from the last FULL and somewhat normal SirenaFest Parade. Sarah was dressed as a mermaid and rode on the back of the Eldorado. Otto drove Hydrangea with Mrs. Boss and we all looked so ding-danged "Under The Sea"! I love photos like this that involve our chapel lovelys before and after their wedding vows! Such fun.

Speaking of such fun...The date for the "Strogan-OFF" (Our stroganoff cook off competition) has been set at the chapel. 3 entries so far, and we're kind of excited. We're also kind of amazed it came together so smoothly. Should be delicious!

Found out last night that Emma Grace is interested in being the chapel's official Instagram Hostess and we're pretty fired up. We think her intelligence, fresh approach, peer age connection, etc. will be really fun and new for the chapel. Thanks for stepping up to the plate, Emma, AND she gets paid for being creative! Woohooo!

Nothing happening at the chapel today........rainy and cooler. Starting to make plans for front landscaping and ordering topsoil, so at least the wheels are turning. I was thrilled to see the potted rosemary on the curb has seemed to do well so far this winter. Now we just have to make it until spring! No easy task last year at this time, but we're praying for better conditions!

The main closet at the chapel is still so organized, it's scaring us. All the commercial linens are hung and the private linens are boxed. This one, little change has truly changed the entire level of organization at the bungalow of love. PTL! Anyway, we gotta go. If yer local, stay dry today, and if you're anywhere else, have a wonderful day!


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