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A little Morgan and Josh is always a good way to start the day! Sparkly, fun, and great memories!

Can you really get enough Morgan and Josh? I'm thinking no. They're like a positive multivitamin that's good for you! We just loved their largest of days here and their wonderful families and friends. They're video on the FB chapel page is one of the coolest films ever cut here at the chapel, and we watch it every once in a while when we need a good 'happy cry'! From the selection of everything to the special outdoor seating, the day was perfecto! God bless these two. They live closer now, and are busy, but we hope to see them soon!

...And a happy Wednesday morning to ya! We're off to a running start here at the chapel and have much to do before we rest. Getting ready for the next large wedding, doing some required travel in the meantime, figuring out landscaping, cleaning up Easter crafting (I'll get to it this weekend, I promise!) and starting to think about bride visits and setting up the multimedia portion of Sunday's bible study. No biggie! We've got this! While we're gone for a brief period this week, our faithful local 'yout' (Think My Cousin Vinnie) will be watching over our three rescue charges and the entire chapel! Mrs. C was here earlier in the week and everything is sparkly! We're on a roll, spring is coming, and we're getting pretty danged excited!

Hope your Wednesday is tremendously productive, pleasant and rewarding. Hang on to a happy memory today, or even better, why not make one! You'll be glad you did! Come see us, and God bless us, every one!


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