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Love the smiles in this picture! Such a happy day!

So, the last time I got to see them was during the Belton 4th of July parade in Patrick's excellent VW bug! They were smiling and waving to the crowd, and looked just as happy as they do here! Such a special couple who really understand each other. They're both smart enough to know that there are always bumps along the way, but in the end, there's always a sunset! Congratulations, Mary and Patrick and many years of happiness to you both!

==========================================================Well.... a very laid back day at the chapel today so far. Last night's sound bath was absolutely tremendous, and as I mentioned on my personal post, we hope that even more folks come to experience this amazing treatment on our next scheduled date (I think it's July 29, but check the chapel event page on FB, k?). Just so calming, healing and actually quite spiritual! If you've never done it, you need to try it to see what it's all about...===================Maybe some watering today to keep things blooming and there are even plans underway to get Ol' Mrs. Arnaz out of the garage today (our beautiful 1971 Cadillac Eldorado convertible) for a trip into town later. We'll see if she agrees! ====================Started the day out a little strangely, however, when I inadvertently put Bon Maman red raspberry preserves on asiago cheese bread that had been toasted. First bite was rather strange, until I figured out what I did, and then pretended I was being very gourmand and meant to make it that way. It really wasn't bad. Won't be trying it again, tho. =======================Linen cleanup from Hettie and Chad's wonderful wedding day are continuing, and the washing machine has been humming along pretty much all week. As much as I love setting up for a couple's most special day, I also like getting things cleaned and pressed for the NEXT great adventure down the road! Such fun! =======================Want to put a little plug in for tonight's full-moon yoga event that starts at J. Geniveve around 6p and wraps up around 10p. Art involvement, yoga, mini-sound bath, etc. Grab a bottle of your favorite refreshment and a snicky-snack and be there! ===========================================

His healing is evident when we call for it. All of His love is present when we heal, and allow Him to heal in us. Thank you, God, for the power of healing and goodness all around us! Have a healthy and fun-filled day!

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