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Summer color and genuine beauty ---

When Precious Memories and Tara Barnes Photography get together...this is what happens. Tremendous color, softness and romantic tradition. Mary and Patrick's wedding was all of these things, and this photo really captures it beautifully. This bride is fresh as a flower, and so is this young couple together. The youth, promise and togetherness of their relationship is evident in these colors. Both of these kiddos have been raised right, too, which is a HUGE benefit when a young couple starts off together! Congratulations, again, Mary & Patrick!==========================================================

Just pulled the 1993 Jayco 1006 into the yard and under the carport from night #3 of pop-up camper life... Kinda fell in love with another RV in the campground, and only 7 more nights in the unit, and it'll be on the market for a STEAL of a price! Cannot wait for our new trailer (Stacy & Nicky in the Long, Long Trailer!) but we're being disciplined and good.... He will provide just the right unit (hopefully this fall!) at just the right price. Kind of like He does everything else in our lives, like picking just the right brides and grooms to share their largest of days with us! ....anyway...the outdoor breakfast was a treat all over again this morning, and the 'girls' even enjoy their camping life just a bit. Lot's of other dogs to greet, but I think they need a plastic playpen for even more enjoyment. We'll see. ...even got into Inks Lake for a few minutes and enjoyed the warm water in the 'no wake' zone! Even though it was just one night, it was delightful. So looking forward to the 2 camper party events we have scheduled, and then probably just one more before we're in solid sides with a REAL bathroom! Woooohooooo! ================================================Looking forward to seening Hannah & Company this afternoon to do a 'first look' at the lace backdrop for the sweetheart table for their big day. Should be extra special and just perfect for the vintage look of the chapel great room. =================Tomorrow is Yoga day at the there or be stiff and square! Refreshments provided, and we always enjoy our quiet, reflective and stretchy time with Tiffany! ======================================================Each moment we enjoy, every opportunity presented and every plan for the future rely on Him. The ultimate joy is that He loves to give us those moments. It's fun to say thanks for everything! Blessings to you for a tremendous rest of the weekend!

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