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Historic Hotel Honeymoon? That'd be rather fun!

Antique hotel gems are all around us, and if you're like Denise and I, you just love to explore old hotels that are still operational. It's fun to try to imagine what went on there, the people, the meetings, the parties. Neat stuff. We were in for a treat this weekend for our 33rd wedding anniversary, as we got to visit 2 excellent, operational vintage hotels in West Texas. We were blessed to be able to stay at the Hotel Paisano in Marfa, which was a dream complete, since we had been there last year for a day trip and fell in love with it. On our way back home, we had a layover in Alpine, and were able to sniff around the Holland Hotel there. It was amazing as well, and it got us to thinking that planning a Caliber Oak wedding and then a Historic Hotel Honeymoon Hideaway road trip would be a great way to begin a couple's new life together! Such fun!

Busy and busy around the chapel this week. Survived our wonderful wedding anniversary weekend, got to visit with Naju and Bomi, and even were re-routed by Amtrak when a large bridge near Sanderson burned down. A hot time in the old State this weekend! :) Starting our setup for H&C's great quasi-Canadian adventure, and gearing up for the 4th of July parade, pool party and subsequent fish fry. Never a dull moment around here! All the plants and flowers look great from the rains and expert watering, so this summer is shaping up to be a truly beautiful season!

He gives us everything we need. Sometimes, he gives us things we may not want, but there's always a reason. We may never know it, but the reason is there, and it's for our own good. Rock on, today and everyday, in the knowledge that He's with you, loves you and you're not alone. Have a great midweek and holiday weekend!

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