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When it's teatime at the chapel...

And what a happy little group of sippers we have here. All done up in their teatime finery! The hats look great, and Mrs. Boss looks like she just stepped off the set of "A Place to Call Home"! What a fun day for the ladies AND the gents that served them!

A nice, relaxing day at Caliber Oak today. Miss EmmyLou made it to town and back with a little bit of stalling at takeoff from stoplights, but our 1951 Chevrolet guru will figure that one out as well. Made home-made pizza for supper, and used the new, paper-thin pizza crusts from HEB. They're great, and everything tastes great on them! Got some laundry done, and puttered about a bit. Wonderful day, all 'n all! I even got around to hand-sewing 3 buttons on a new vest, and didn't mess the project up at all! Woohooooo!

He's listening to us, and guiding us. All we have to do is open the lines of communication, and life becomes so much easier and more excellent. Blessings to all for a super rest of the week!

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