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Holiday Smiles in Black and White!

Well, obviously, Miss Alice Fleetwood wasn't witnessing a wedding at the chapel on Thanksgiving Day, so we had to catch this great photo of her at the Theon gas station, getting topped off on our way to Valburn Drive. Such beautiful weather, an incredible hostess and complete, 1973 luxury transportation made Turkey Day even better than usual! We hope everyone is enjoying this "Most Wonderful Time of the Year" between Turkey and 2019!

Pretty chilly here at El Rancho Chappello this morning, but a nice, cozy fire at the Main House and snoring dogs! Coffee is tasting mighty good, and TS may bring the fab-uh-lus MS out here very soon to check out the chapel for a wedding. The balloon arch, amazingly, is still up and needs to be taken down from the tea, and good vibes still linger from sammiches and LCR on Sunday night following skeet. Good times.

Hoping to make another pie for Mrs. Boss out of raspberries, using the Thanksgiving Day key lime recipe. We'll see how THAT goes! Gonna print the recipe now!

Reading the bible has never been my strong suit, but I'm starting today. Every journey starts with a single step, right! Working on what Isaiah 1:16 is telling me to do! Blessings to all for an excellent and "orange and pink striped" kinda day!

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