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Photos from Tea at the Chapel!

I've seen enough of these photos to know that it's kind of like having your picture taken with the Easter Bunny or Santa when Miss Denise hosts her annual tea. Just about everyone got one, and nobody cried! Even with the Russian Tea Room hat! :) What a fun event, and it's always such a joy to me, since it is the ONE party each year that is her guest list, her event, and her plan. Really fun, and this was the best year ever. Good on ya, honey!

Sipping coffee, watching the stock market take away Christmas gifts from deserving former Police Captains (hehehe) and being generally thankful for such a wonderful life. It's not just a Jimmy Stewart movie around here, we really have this wonderful life all year long! ... Booked an excellent 2019 wedding with a delightful couple last night, and cannot wait to finalize our plans for S&R's great adventure! It's such a joy when folks who are meant to have their weddings here find us, and the feeling is so mutual. He has blessed us so greatly by sending just the right couples to be joined at the Chapel! ... BMW battery is new and ready for pickup, and my electric skeet thrower is supposed to be at the gate this morning. All in all, a tremendous day. Looking forward to making my pies for turkey day tomorrow and polishing the black '73 Fleetwood for the annual Thanksgiving festivities. Had a tremendous Fauxgiving with Mary yesterday, with the perfect meal and the first gift exchange of the season! Fun and wonderful food and gifts all around! This weekend should be excellent as we trim the tree, shoot some skeet and generally enjoy life! ...even supposed to get a former groom in the cross hairs of my scope tomorrow, so the holiday visits are a great treat!

He has provided so beautifully, and continues to bring hope, healing and comfort every single day! Our prayer is that your holiday season is all about being in the moment with the Big Guy and making memories happen! A blessed turkey week to all before we start tuning up the sleigh!

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