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When's the last time you saw a cherub wearing nothing but a floral arrangement?

To be honest, this little cherub statue is normally wearing next to nothing, but she's sitting in a vat of lavender buds, so I'd probably be similarly clad if I were she? No matter, she's a signature, trademark fixture in the main bathroom at the chapel and loved for her fragrance and good looks. The kiddos love to play in the lavender buds when they're here....much to Brandie's chagrin when it's cleanup time! :)

Just chillin' (literally, since Clemente said it was 42 degrees when he headed up the driveway this morning!) here at the chapel bright and early. Did a little stock research, went over the list for this weekend's wedding, and made French toast for the team as well. Finishing up the 'to-do' list for the wedding and getting a few odds and ends done around the place today. Don't know if plans include a trip to town, but we'll just go with the flow. Love this life!

He's watching all of us, and keeping us within his grasp. Special prayers go out for Margo, Barb, Mary, and others in need. Busy times call for His grace and presence. Have an excellent end of the week and an even better weekend, prayerful peeps!

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