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We just love the way this groom rolls!

This is one of our favorite grooms, Rory, blasting away at an unnamed bad guy target a the range a short time ago. Rory is a hero to us, not only because his career is taking care of people in his job but also because the bravery, solidity and positive nature he's displayed since the nasty wreck that took his leg on duty last year. It's been a long journey for he and Amy both, but the skies are brighter than they were, and he's always got a place to 'sight in' his latest firearm creation/modification here at the ranch. So honored that the chapel was the first 'public appearance' Rory was able to make in January of this year after the accident, and our other brides and grooms have him a standing '0'...classy folks! We love having the two of them around and loved being at there excellent home last week for supper as well! Caliber Oak is like no other place we know.... Where else do the venue owners get invited to the couple's homes for dinner years later?!?!?! Roll on, Rory!

Super quiet day so far at Ft. Chapel! The boss is off to CtK for church and then rounding up some shopping items. I've been sippin' on a cuppa and think I'm headed in the kitchen for a batch of cheese and onion biscuit-making. We took them to Amy and Rory's this week, and they were amazing. Thanks to Victoria Magazine for the recipe. Only supposed to be 89 degrees today, so maybe some walking, gardening, etc. Actually had beautiful rain yesterday, so things are looking good. Can't wait to see our finished products from the Barrow Brewing Tie Dye party yesterday, and they'll be ready for unveiling tomorrow at 1p! Woohoo! Other than that, glued to the Netflix series "Call the Midwife" in the evening hours. Thank you, Tyler Fletcher, for the suggestion!

He gently directs us sometimes, and pretty much provides a billboard other times. We believe that He's truly thrilled when we take His nudging to heart and make decisions and changes based on them. Thanks for the leadership, Boss! Hope you all have a wonderful and very blessed week!

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