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Wedding Homecoming Love is in the air!

The bride is so very much in love with her groom, and he feels the same. Natalie & Lee were the FIRST to RSVP and the FIRST to say...."where are the pictures?" So, Jennifer Simmons made a special arrangement so that we could get one out here today. These two represent what is so very right about falling in love and being married. They didn't worry about the flowers.....the table settings....the decor.... She said to me that, "Captain Rick.....all that matters in my life is that I'm marrying Lee tomorrow.....the rest isn't really that important." Just let that sink in...I think it's how 99% of our brides feel, but she said it so openly and genuinely, that I'll never forget it! Congrats, again, our dearest Natalie & Lee for a lifetime of waffles, nature parks, happiness and love!

How many of you can come back into the chapel knowing that Cap had his hair cut there today!??! Talie came down and did my hair.... lots of gray-ish/white-ish stuff on the floor, but I look mavalous! Many thanks for her talent! Otherwise, we just froze our buns off all day in this weather. (I can hear Jody Askins saying your buns must have been TREMENDOUS before the freeze...btw). Tomorrow night is our annual screening of "Chocolat" with See's Candy, burgers, champagne, cigars, and anything else that doesn't seem appropriate for Lent. Because the next day it IS Lent! Cannot wait! .....Angie is coming out tomorrow as well, and we're starting the first phase of the new steps. Cannot wait! We're so blessed and always kept on our toes at our beloved chapel!

He's preparing us for greatness. His greatness...which, the way....probably doesn't look like what WE think our greatness should be! just sayin'! Wednesday starts a journey that can only be finished through His resurrection. Be there, or be square! Blessings on y'all!

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