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Now, THAT is a happy bride! Wooohoo!

Heather sent me this photo by text and said it was one of her favorites from their wedding day so far. I couldn't agree more! It's a perfect capture of the excitement and fun that was had that day. Mrs. Broxton looks pretty pleased and so does the Mr. here. Many warm wishes to both of them, and we're excited to get to see them soon!

Preparation day at the chapel. T&C's wonderful wedding is just around the corner and I've got some chair covers and champagne flutes to focus on! So looking forward to their big day, and love the preparation almost as much as the wedding! Looks a little overcast out there today, but by game time for their ceremony, the forecast looks just right!

Constantly asking for forgiveness, direction and strength seems to help me greatly. Everyone prays differently, but that seems to be the major thrust of my time with Him. Here's hoping you have some great conversations with the Boss today!

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