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Creativity takes flight! Kite Fest a Smashing Success!

What a joy it was on Sunday to spend it with approximately 125 others in the pursuit of wind....which wasn't very hard to do that day! Many, many thanks to the St. Joseph team for making this happen at our very special place, and also thanks to so many folks who came out to enjoy the fun. We can't even begin to list all the folks that made this happen, but it was grand. This photo is the greatroom mantle covered by a little golden book village that Denise design placement for, and Cindy Cashion created the banner, moon and staging with Paula Miller's help on mini display kites. While this was going on, countless other folks were working in front of and behind the scenes to pull off this excellent day. Blessings to all for attendance and thank you, God, for the wind that day!

Kicking back today and looking forward to my haircut. Such a life, huh? I've turned into a ratty looking old man, so thought I'd clean up before this weekend's big wedding! Haven't even put the pink barbie tent back in the bag, or packed up RPT's PA system (it's safely inside, however, RPT!) but small progress has been made. Got linens to the dry cleaner yesterday, and got lots of paperwork done! Superveryexcited about Lorie & Keith's big day that they've trusted us with, and more to come on that! Paula may come and pick up the left over kites from the fest, and we may get to see Cindy today as well. How fun. Otherwise, just kicking back and piddling, which is my favorite way to spend the day....esp when it includes time in the spa! Woohoooo!

It's hard to imagine the number of small, specific gifts He's given us, and how they all fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. Just looking at the photo above reminds me of all the hands reflected in creativity, work and giving in the photo. Here's to you, dear reader, in hopes that you'll find a few blessings today that you might not have seen yet! Bonjour!

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