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Love this Picture! What a special wedding!

Well, some folks know that the old Cap had to 'gather' himself a couple of times during this very special wedding, and this may have been one of those times.'s a great shot, and shows the reverence and serious attachment these two have for each other. Thanks, again, Jessica & Tyler, and beautiful work by France Photographers!

COLD outside today, but it's that time of year! Excited about the Salado Christmas Stroll tonight, and hope lots of shoppers and merry-makers will be out and about in our fair village. Finished (almost) with the Wedding Homecoming Dinner invitations and are so excited about having our brides and grooms join us for the annual treat! Any of our currently married brides and grooms who need more information should just call Cap at 254.718.0680!

Prayers of thanksgiving. Prayers for others and prayers in general.... It's the way to roll and feels soooooo good! Blessings to all for a wonderful day in God's Kingdom!

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