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Is this a chapel or a wildlife refuge?

Our happy cardinal friend here made a day of visiting himself in the rear view mirror of the MGB at the chapel today. Except for the unfortunate 'dumpings' of our guest (now I know why the Fleetwood looked like that last week!) he was a delight for all to see, and truly spent the entire day just about right there. There were moments that he was on the steering wheel, but otherwise, this was his locale for the day. I can't blame him. I spent most of the day here myself, but a little less time looking in the mirror...I might add! Such a beautiful sight...

A wonderful, relaxing and enjoyable day at the chapel today. Started off scrubbing down Miss Bridget Jones for her laundry trip into town... (seemed kind of pointless later after our cardinal visited!) and then it was off with the top down to have our linens pressed, visit the library, and beg for more Genovese basil at the store. After that, a bit of watering, and our wonderful friend, Sheri came by with a lovely, home-made lunch and a tremendous visit of talking, discussing and enjoying a few hours. The time flew, and was a great day. Miss Denise is off to rehearsal tonight for the final time before her concert this weekend. Looking forward to it, and 4 of us are attending...we're so looking forward to the adventure! Apparently, we get to eat afterward, and Sarah's helping pick a place!

Last night, God favoured us with another wonderful visit from Sarah, and the trappings were a bit more posh than usual. French set table, wonderful food, and the wonderful "100 Foot Journey" for screening. Such a fun evening for eating, visiting and enjoyment. We are so thankful for such visits, and special times.

God has come to visit very visibly twice this week. I'm starting to take these visions/dreams for granted, and then realize that not everyone has them! The messages are received, processed and shared...which I think is the plan. I'm totally understanding how we're all called to be apostles...esp after Monday night! :) Blessings to all for full stomachs, opportunities to help, seeing His direction in your life and just being happy!

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