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We're already looking forward to the big day!

We are so thankful that H&R are planning their wedding celebration at our blessed chapel, and know it'll be super excellent. We're working out planning details, and already looking forward to the next visit. An excellent couple with an infectious appreciation for each other that's so wonderful to see. It's such a classic example of God sending us JUST the right folks for a special wedding! Congratulations H&R, and we know it'll be magic!

Taxes, taxes, taxes.........ok, yesterday I got a little further, but not where we need to be yet....countdown clock is ticking! :) Right after this blog post, I'm back at it for another hour! (about all I can take at one time!) Had a very nice visit today with Heather & Brooke to look around and figure out a wedding plan for B&T. Getting stuff done otherwise, and just rolling right along. I can't figure out if I've spray.n.washed the linens in the entry hall of the chapel or not, but if that's the biggest problem I face all day, we're GOLDen!

Asking Him to make us better... I think that's ok! It's also such fun to have talismans all around us that remind us to pray for specific folks and situations so that we stay in the prayer mode. Saw Jodi & Jordan's photo trivet in the kitchen this morning while I was making coffee and was able to stop and offer up a prayer for them. Love it when that happens! Find a prayer talisman today and let it remind you of someone special that you can bless with a quick prayer! It's never wasted time! Blessings to everyone for an excellent day....

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