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Photo booth fun for a great couple!

The sense of fun that these two carry around is contagious. This picture is from the wedding homecoming dinner photo booth, and clearly the Deary's had a good time. What a treat it was for Jennifer to have her props here so that we could remember the day in such a silly way! We are so looking forward to Melinda's willingness to come and help us with a wedding one day soon as that works out. Blessings to these two special people who have made a wonderful and loving home...

Weed/grass trimming is happening at the chapel, and dishes need to be done! Hopefully, the new company will be sending a technician to look at the A/C system today, so we have THAT to look forward to! :) I need to run the MGB into town in a little while to get some spray paint, as the upstairs/downstairs insulation project at the main house is almost finished. Lent is rolling along and is approximately 78% over today (but who's counting?!?!). We've been so thankful to be doing pretty.darned.well on our multiple Lenten season sacrifices, so the fun of Easter Sunday will be even sweeter! That's part of what it's all about! ... Looking forward to having the WEDS bridal professionals here in a couple of weeks....AND have booked hotels for some great weekend getaway plans as the schedule allows. We are truly blessed!

Quiet prayer time. I think it's possibly the best time of the day, and it happens most wonderfully for me between waking and getting out of bed. We're praying for special people today, and our prayer is that God opens specific hearts so that worry, frustration and fear does not control emotion and behavior. Life is so wonderfully lived without fear. God bless each and every one of you today, and hope your tuesday is monster-excellent!

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