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A beauty stepping out of a beauty!

Well, we all know we're a little partial to large-engine Cadillac motorcars around here, but our wonderful model, Christa, does the Fleetwood justice in another great shot from Stephanie's bridal shoot. We couldn't wait to get her beautiful redheaded self into the interior of this wonderful automobile, since the period 'greenish-gold' velour and her hair were the perfect foil for each other. She looked stunning in this picture, as she did in all of them. Stephanie's florals were tremendous, as well! Such a very pretty young lady...

Well, speaking of large, black Fleetwood automobiles...guess who made her first 'official' shopping trip to the big town of Temple today? We headed in on the back roads for a morning appointment with the one.and.only Dr. Randy Pinkston for our annual hearing test...if it's possible...he said the Cap's hearing had actually slightly improved from last year. Keep that in mind, wedding teams, he can actually hear mumblings pretty well for an old man. :) After the great visit with Randy, we headed to Hobby Lobby for more 'stuff' that we probably really didn't need, but there are several projects in the works that will benefit from the collection of goodies that came home in Cadillac style. Next was Lowe's for a few things for a fun lighting project for the main house, and finally the HEB for some fish, fruit and such. Headed home with a rather noisy "U-joint" issue, but our faithful car doctor returns from his trip this week, so we'll have it looked at in no time. Such a pleasure rolling along in 17 feet of car....and we got a few nice comments along the way. We are certainly blessed, and so thankful that our brides and grooms have this lovely option for reception departure. Looking forward to final setup with E&B tomorrow for the big day, and hopefully, the weather will cooperate. Sounds like the rain might stick a round a little for their nuptials, but that could only make it more intimate and special for the celebration!

Just a smile, a hearty good-morning, a friendly inquiry into how someone is doing...all these things are such easy ways to help folks feel good and attached. We never know who we're helping with a kind word or a cheerful smile! Give it a's FUN! Smiles to you, dear reader, and prayers for a wonderful wednesday full of His grace!

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