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A magically beautiful vintage wedding!

Amy & Rory's wedding this weekend quite possibly was the prettiest we've seen at the front of the greatroom under the cross. Rory had constructed a full-size mantle for the decor, and it it worked perfectly for the wedding ceremony and reception. Decorated with vintage family photos, antique hankies, flowers, silver pieces, candlesticks, etc., it became the perfect backdrop for the vintage effect dress, dishware, fabrics, banners, and silverware. It was just amazing, and truly pulled the entire vintage theme of the room together. Amy and Rory truly had a wonderful day, with excellent weather, caring familes, and wonderful food from Angel's Catering. We really enjoyed working with these two and were so thankful everything went so very nicely from start to blue Eldorado departure finish! Amy tracked us down last summer as our ship was getting into port in Juneau and already knew her wedding would be at the chapel. The girl knows what she wants, and she gets it! Including Rory, we might add! Congratulations to two very special folks, and we're already looking forward to your return. Rory is building ANOTHER mantle for the chapel so that we can offer that option to new brides, and use it for our own fun parties! As I told Amy....don't homecoming dinner 2017 for our blessed married couples is 1/22/17!

Lots of rain on tap for this week, but we NEVER complain about that. We think of how many hot, dry days there are in the summer and revel in the cool, misty wetness! After our insulation team gets to the main house this morning and we go over a few things, I'm headed down to the chapel to finish some washing up in the kitchen before the cleanup crew gets here. Also, I'd like to get the vintage linens off the dining tables in the great room so that we can start setting up for E&B's GREAT adventure! We're so blessed to have so many wonderful brides and grooms in our lives...we truly love this calling and ministry! Later tonight, we start planning the 2017 Kite Festival for St. Joeseph's, and we're really excited about that! As usual...lots going on.

Timing is everything. He wants the best for us, and sometimes, we just have to wait. Giving us time before our hopes come to pass gives US time to pray in thankssgiving. What a great setup. Sounds like one of those perfect plans that comes from a perfect God, non? Blessings to all for acceptance of His timing, and lots of prayers of thanksgiving today! Have a good one!

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