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Any excuse to get a Cadillac in a shot!

Another picture from the fun photo shoot for Stephanie. The interior of the Fleetwood has been described (thanks, Laura! :) as looking like a "Muppet", but actually, that's pretty accurate. Here's the inside of Miss Alice with our models in tow. A reminder of a really fun day of photos and make-believe.

Speaking of Cadillacs, it's delightful to have both ladies here at home with us this morning...everyone's out of the shop and looking/running fine. Mrs. Arnaz is going to be one of the stars of this weekend's wedding after Matthew preps her for her entrance, and Ms. Fleetwood is resting quietly and is completely ready for her next roadtrip. It looks a little "Casa de Cadillac" in Sherman Oaks out in the driveway, but that's just how we like it... Preparation is almost DONE for the big weekend wedding, and we had a delightful visit with the bride and groom last night. They brought us a beautiful mirror as a gift and we can't wait to get it hung before their wedding. All has come together beautifully, and the special, hand-crafted mantle they've built and painted for the front of the chapel greatroom looks tremendous. Lots of vintage whimsy is the theme, and it's done very well. Warm, inviting and genuine. Can't wait for their caterer to arrive, since she's done such a great job in the past and her food is amazing! Florals and cake have been trusted to outstanding professionals as well, and we're so very blessed to have such great folks to make a couple's wedding day come true. They're a joy to work with and truly make the event special while keeping the budget in mind. Thank you, amazing wedding professionals! Probably have a trip to town on the schedule today, and we can't wait to meet Carmon & Kathi!

Comfort and healing....two of the greatest gifts He gives us. No matter where the healing is needed, physically or spiritually or emotionally, it's there if we ask for it. Thank you, God, every blessing of this day, all the days before it, and all the days to come. Have a wonderful Friday, and a blessed weekend!

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