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Something was clearly very funny!

We love the merriment being shared with these very special people at Wedding Homecoming Dinner this year. I'm very slowly but surely getting some of these photos up. Monica & Michael and Melinda & Tremaine clearly have been tickled by some little tidbit from the Cap, but Miss Denise is really roaring here! Almost 30 years with El Capitain and she still thinks I'm funny. Now THAT is a special lady! Hard to believe WHD was well over a month ago, already....time does really fly.

Setup continues for the big A&R celebration! Linens are out, cake plates are being selected and arranged, chairs are up, covers are pressed, and even the buffet is taking shape. We're so looking forward to this celebration of love with two very special folks. Even got the lighting for the trees by the steeple hooked back up...since it kind of got disrupted during the terrace construction. Now, to pick up the Eldorado convertible which is being prepped for the romantic departure, and we'll be very much well on the way to a tremendous celebration. About 1,000 more things to do, but it all comes together so very beautifully when the couple is just right!

Even in darker times, His healing and grace are evident. Don't forget, you don't have to be Catholic to pray with a rosary! The wonderful strength in the sensation of matching your prayers to specific physical action is a miracle in its simplicity and comfort. Here's wishing that everyone reading this blog has a most excellent day and more blessings than they can count!

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