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When you wish upon a raise CASH!

The chapel literally dripped with talent last night...what a great evening, and we're still high off the sounds of the Disney Songbook that seemed to make the event just glow...and everyone wandered off feeling a little lighter and certainly more likely to whistle while they worked today! David Perez has got to be in the top 3 most talented pianists we've had at our piano, and we'd love to feature him as a soloist at a charity event if he ever fell for that gig! Our vocalists were wonderful in their interpretation of these Disney classics, and treated the audience to genuine feeling and delivery of their music. The Horton Duo was just right (as Paul would say! :)) for the concert, as recorder and guitar are just about perfect for renditions of so many Disney classics. Probably not the best photos of the host and hostess, but we weren't important....the music WAS! So many positive comments last night and this morning that we cannot wait for our next charity production here. It feels so great to know that this wonderful little chapel has made such a difference in charity dollars over the years. Last night's event netted Ronald McDonald House about $2,200 in donations, and we had an anonymous donor contribute $1,000 of that total! Susan Bolton was pleased with the take, and even baked bread for the performers and the host and hostess.... Home baked bread and Disney.... does it get any more wholesome than that!?!? Blessings to everyone who attended, performed and prayed for a great outcome last night.

Cleanup is in progress at the chapel. Sarah was able to stick around last night for a visit and some help. Not too much going on this week, but think there are some visits in the works, which is always fun. We're so excited about Carmon booking her wedding here! Things are getting busier as we start to approach spring.

Letting go and allowing Him to just take over the situation. We felt that last night in this very special gathering of music and fellowship, and with a little effort, we feel it just about every minute 24/7. Thank you, God, for all the amazing blessings we enjoy every day! Have fun counting your blessings today! You won't get them all, but it's fun working on it!

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