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Talk about Military Maneuvers! Wow!

Well, yesterday must have been a pretty busy day, since I started to put this excellent photo out of Laura & Joey yesterday morning, and here I am finally getting it out a day later. No matter...the classic pose continues, and we really enjoy these two. We get to see them very soon, and can't wait! Congratulations, again, to our American Hero and his lovely bride! She's even the first photo in the carousel on the face page of the website these days!

All setup is actually complete for Wedding Homecoming Dinner, and we're so very excited about how many wonderful brides and grooms are coming to dinner! Special thanks to Sheri, Monica, Greg, Tammy, Christian, Jennifer, etc., for making things just right for this event. Hard to imagine how many of our wonderful couples are coming to visit. We're humbled and very, very thankful!

Each of us has special gifts. Not everyone appreciates each of our gifts, and we can't let that stop us from delivering the magic we're born to provide. Keeping great and touching thank-you notes handy to remind you of how wonderfully thankful someone has been that you've helped really makes a difference on those days that you feel your gifts might not be what folks are looking for in you. Push on, SHINE on, and He'll bring you more than you've ever dreamt of! Blessings to each and all for a great day!


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