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Excellent partnering with Salado Limo!

Such a fine car and an important part of the style we create at the chapel! Got back last night from a tremendous Turks & Caicos holiday, and this beautiful Lincoln was the official 'last leg' of the trip. Luxury, comfort, and HEAT....since we landed in much cooler temps than we left in! Thanks, Captain Ed, for keeping the wheels rolling and we look forward to so many more trips to come!

Chapel is being all cleaned up for one of the most fun weekends of the year! Wedding Homecoming Dinner is just a few days away, and the attendance is going to be a record! We're checking the spreadsheet today, but already had to ask for more help in making the whole thing happen! We couldn't be more thrilled that so many very special couples will get to meet, mix and mingle...and selfishly, we get to see them all again! WOOHOO! Can't wait, and look forward to starting the setup tonight.

There are lessons in everything! Sometimes outcomes are way better than expected, and sometimes they're not...but every single experience is teaching us discernment and providing direction. Sometimes, something that happened over a year ago that seemed strange at the time can turn out to be one of the biggest blessings in its time! (true story!) Thank you, God, for fitting all the pieces together, and giving us the attitude of thankfulness for all your wonderful gifts. Get out there today, and ask for directions! :)


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