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A fresh, new and pretty face at the chapel!

We're rolling in style once more in 28 feet of Lincoln luxury! The difference this time is that our very capable friend, Ed, has been the purchaser and is starting the Salado Limo Service! We couldn't be more excited for him, and actually were going to look at this very car when he called and said he made an offer on it! All works out perfectly, since we have a stretch available for our weddings and also for Cap & Miss D's legendary nights on the town! We're super happy for you Ed! Many years of driving pleasure and success!

Wonderful surprise yesterday when Margarita, David and William stopped by the chapel and brought us some VERY yummy coffee for Christmas. Completely thoughtful and totally typical of this couple! We're even more thrilled that it's looking like they'll be able to make it for Wedding Homecoming Dinner. We're estimating about 44 for the dinner this year, which is up by 10 from last year, so are very happy about that. Otherwise a quiet day at the chapel and preparing at the main house for Christmas Day!

Trust. Trusting Him. Using our gifts. Trusting our all just fits together so nicely. Thank you, God, for our bountiful blessings! Happy December 23 to all today!

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