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We got a new COUPLE for Christmas!

Santa came a little early to the chapel this year, and brought us this delightful couple! Jessica & Tyler have chosen to spend their wedding day with us...and we couldn't be more thrilled! They are both so very special, and after looking at several places, returned back to the chapel with Tyler's mom, Sue, and booked their big day. They're JUST what fits at the chapel perfectly. Sweet, kind and just charming young people. Congratulations, you two, and we can't wait for the adventure to begin! Merry Christmas!

Spent quite a bit of time away from the chapel yesterday, as our friend Ed became the new owner of a beautiful 120" stretch limousine! We can't wait to take it out, and get to already this week. It will be so fun partnering with him to make bride and groom departures special, and we'll also enjoy the beautiful DeBryan coach he's purchased. Congratulations, Ed, and looks good on ya! If anyone needs a stretch this season, please give us a shout and we'll put you in touch with "Captain" Ed for a wonderful ride. ... Puttering about today in preparation for Christmas, and we're excited to have guests this year. Need to do some paperwork and correspondence today, too... Such a beautiful weather day out there...hope to enjoy it fully!

He is constantly providing. All we have to do is be thankful for what we have and share our goals. If it is of His making, he'll deliver...otherwise he'll send something you never dreamed of that's 1,000 times better! Take time to talk to him in these busy days leading up to Christmas. You won't be sorry! Blessings for a great tuesday!

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