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To Have and To Hold...Under Her Powers!

Stumbled on this 'magical' photo yesterday from Amanda and Nathan's wedding, and laughed out loud! What a creative shot, and so very fitting for their personalities. Love a sense of humor with our brides and grooms, and this picture certainly does have you doing a double take! Rock on, A&N! (Kind of looks like an out take from a Bewitched episode!)

ALMOST all of the Wedding Homecoming Dinner invitations have been mailed, and we're so looking forward to hearing from our couples and hoping lots of them can make the evening. It truly is one of our favorite nights of the year. Not much happening at the chapel today... But a great day is on tap for all kinds of fun and frivolity.

Patience is a virtue. He does answer prayers....just not always in the timeframe WE would like them to happen. Praying, patiently waiting, and being thankful for what you already have.... As Grandma T would say... "THAT'S the ticket!" Blessings to all for patience and love today!

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