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Looks like something fun is coming!

They're not all cleaned up yet, but should get a good workout this weekend. Saucer champagne glasses are really a special and elegant treat that don't always get to be part of the party. Looking forward to what comes inside them, too!

A nice trip to town today, and apparently it'll be mighty rainy tomorrow. Special activity planned on friday that might prove exciting for the chapel! Sounds like J&D's wedding is going to be bigger than planned....which is great...the more the merrier! Continuing setup work today for this weekend's event...

Letting Him lead the way is truly what it's all about. The gift of discernment he provides us is enhanced as we constantly check-in with Him on the direction and course of our actions. When things go easily...usually it's part of His plan. When obstacles are in our way, we've learned to re-evaluate and check-in again to see if we're headed the right way! Hope everyone is headed the right way today! Blessings to you for a great day!

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